In extraordinary times there are no ordinary lives. World War Two, as remembered by the people who lived through it. 

He strikes fear in the imagination.  Is it real or myth? and why hasn't anyone captured a Sasquatch? Indigenous people have shared their secret knowledge in an attempt to underscore the messages from the Sasquatch. This gripping  documentary exposes and examines aborig...

A battle rages on city streets around the world. It's a life or death fight

that's been going on for over a hundred years, and the fate of our planet...

might hang in the balance. 

Bikes vs Cars

Jacques Peretti investigates the Cayman Islands...He uncovers what its special status means for the rest of the world ... Britain's Trillion Pound Paradise:  Inside Cayman on Knowledge

Narratorman, aka Brent Halfyard, is the Jack Nicholson style voice of the pesky animated ant for the Zodiac Infestop National TV ad

The Great Rift: Africa's Wild Heart. From the Red Sea to the mouth of the Zambezi River. It's a diverse landscape, home to the largest concentration of animals on earth. Documentary premier on Knowledge.

From the British Isles to the hidden corners of Canada, Discover the wonders of life by the ocean a team of experts will take you on a journey full of captivating stories on and off shore.

For centuries, an exotic and forbidden land  has captured our imagination. Now we can explore this place of myth and legend. Discover extremes…and surprises…where the past collides with the future...WILD ARABIA

Music history was born in this tiny town of 8,000...

In 1960's Alabama, a small town... was making big hits.

Muscle Shoals in the 60's

In 1919, a crew ventured on an epic journey to film Canada's fur trappers.

Now, lost for almost a century, the film returns to Canada. What secrets does it reveal about our past? How far have we really come?

On the Trail Of the Far Fur Country

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