The Secret Lair

This is not your typical phone booth. Narrator man comes to life in a Custom Designed studio with Superior Acoustics that bring your projects the quality you expect with the speed and agility to match.


Sennheiser 416 Shotgun mic / Neumann TLM 103 mic / Avalon 737 Vacuum Tube Pre-amp /

Source Connect / ISDN patch / PreSonus / Focusrite / KRK / MacPro / Protools

Studio lengthwise
Client Couch
Left console TLM 103
Closeup TLM-103
416 Shotgun Mic
Left console front
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© 2020 By NarratorMan! | 604-723-6508 | | Artwork by Marcus Wild
Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

NarratorMan is here with his powerful, entertaining, storyteller voice to save your documentary, tv promo, video game, commercial, industrial, audiobook, and more! Equipped with a fully customized studio, NarratorMan delivers quality recordings quickly and easily with no client headaches! He is here to rescue anyone in VO distress. Contact NarratorMan today for all of your male narration and voice over needs!

Client Couch