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vo@narratorman.com | 604-723-6508 | narratorman.com | Artwork by Marcus Wild
Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

NarratorMan is here with his powerful, entertaining, storyteller voice to save your documentary, tv promo, video game, commercial, industrial, audiobook, and more! Equipped with a fully customized studio, NarratorMan delivers quality recordings quickly and easily with no client headaches! He is here to rescue anyone in VO distress. Contact NarratorMan today for all of your male narration and voice over needs!

Brent Halfyard, aka Narratorman has been a professional voice actor since 2000 for Documentaries, TV series, TV promos, corporate, E-learning and commercial projects. As audiobooks are the pinnacle of a voice actors skillset and career, Brent has trained with the best and brings his range of acting, character work and emotive intimate storytelling style to audiobooks; specializing in crime drama, mystery, thrillers and non-fiction. Some of Brent's authentic accents: Irish, Cockney, German, Russian, Texan, NY, Carribbean, Latin.

All projects are voiced from Brent's world class recording studio.

Brent is also a songwriter, artist and yoga enthusiast.

3rd Person M/M Dialogue - Narratorman
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3rd Person F Dialogue (Mystery) - Narratorman
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3rd Person M/F Dialogue (Crime) - Narratorman
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3rd person Non-Fiction (Health) - Narratorman
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